Home Buyer’s Checklist

Our goal is to find a home that is most suited to your needs and desires, in your price range, that is available at the right time for you. Before you jump into the exciting hunt for the perfect home consider these suggested checklist items.

  • Pricing
  • Market Value
  • Location
  • Your maximum loan/payment
  • Pre-Qualification with reputable lender
  • Interior and exterior desires
  • Neighborhood amenities
  • Number of beds, baths, etc.
  • Number of acres

Obviously you must determine your own comfort zone when it comes to price.  Our objective is to help you find the home that meets your needs and makes you happy.  We do recommend to all of our clients that before they begin their home search, they answer two questions to facilitate the home search process: 

  1. What is the maximum loan amount you can afford?
  2. What is the monthly loan payment with which you are comfortable?

There is a direct relationship between property condition and market value/price. A home in immaculate condition will sell at the top end of its price range, while the identical home in poor condition will sell well below market value. Some of our clients wish to look only at properties in excellent condition, while others are willing, or even prefer, to make significant renovations.  If you have the time, resources and knowledge to renovate then buying a fixer upper might be for you.

Some of our clients want to limit their commute to work while others want to be in a specific town, school district or development. What are the most important factors that determine the best location for you: towns, developments, counties, school districts, retail, transportation?  Property values increase as you move-in closer to the beltway, however, does this cost offset the time on the road away from your family and your leisure as you commute back home? 

These are all important questions to ask when planning that important move to find the perfect home.