Home Inspection

Acqtel Realty recommends that you interview two or more inspectors to discuss costs, availability and the type of report that you will receive after the inspection. Whether purchasing a new construction or resale home, you will want to utilize a trained, qualified home inspector. Always consider the inspector’s reputation, costs, availability and certifications before choosing your inspector.

Attending the Home Inspection
We recommend that you attend the home inspection, as the inspector will provide valuable information on  home maintenance and point out problem areas that will require your full attention. Expect 1-2 hours for the home inspection appointment. Consider ordering a radon test along with your home inspection if you are concerned with radon levels. An on-the-spot home inspection report with identifying pictures is ideal. Additionally, ask that the report be e-mailed to you for easy sharing.

In Northern Virginia, the home inspection addendum contingency gives you the option to share your home inspection report with the listing broker and owners of the property. This makes it much easier for all parties to see any items that need to be addressed.

Acqtel Realty never recommends that you waive your home inspection contingency. The home inspection contingency allows home buyers to void the contract without having to negotiate for the identified items to be repaired or replaced. As long as the Home Inspection Report is available to all parties, the buyer can void the contract. If the parties decide to negotiate the identified home inspection items, the buyer will submit those identified items requested along with the Home Inspection Report. If both parties can’t come to an agreement then the contract becomes null and void.