Julie Farmer, Realtor

Julie Farmer - Acqtel Realty - Northern Virginia RealtorJulie had a childhood of adventure and relocation growing up in a Navy family. After graduating from Virginia Tech, Julie married into the Army and continued that lifestyle. She and her family have moved seven times in the past ten years, buying and renting homes across the United States and overseas. With 35 years of relocation experience, Julie knows that saying “good-bye” to your friends, community, and a home you have loved can be hard. But she also knows that moving is the beginning of a new chapter in one’s life; new friends, new community, new home, new adventure! Are you excited yet?!

Now a civilian family, Julie has settled in the lovely Commonwealth of Virginia where her children attend Fairfax County public schools. Julie is no stranger to the stresses of relocation and finding a new home, and she can empathize with adults and children alike.

She will help you say “good-bye” to your old home.
She will help you find your new home, be it temporary or forever.
She will help you make the moving process as stress-free as possible.
Julie is committed to help you as you begin a new adventure of your own.

Julie Farmer can be reached by email or calling (571) 233-5149.