Home Selling Checklist

We recommend that you start the process of selling your home no later than 90 days prior to your anticipated move date. Unforeseen circumstances and short notice changes may alter your plans but thinking the process through and reviewing these suggestions will minimize the stress of selling your home. Consider these important issues prior to meeting with a Realtor:

  • Market considerations
  • Your required move-out date
  • School issues
  • Shipping/storage considerations
  • Employment requirements

90 Days Prior to Selling Your Home:

  • Select Your Realtor – Conduct an initial meeting and home tour with Acqtel Realty.
  • Comparative Market Analystis – Determine your home’s market value by requesting a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Rough CMAs can be done online but are not a substitute for a professional detailed analysis of your home following an onsite tour. Acqtel Realty can provide a CMA on your property based on the current market.
  • Perform Repairs/Get Estimates – Having your own inspection gives you time to identify problem areas and either repair them or get estimates to have ready for prospective buyers. They’ll love how organized and up-front you are!
  • Get Organized – Start packing as soon as you decide to list your home. Removing or packing away some of your personal belonging has two great benefits. First, it allows your home some breathing room to be staged and cleaned for showings (see #5). Buyers want to be able to see the house, not your stuff. Second, it starts the process of moving on. As you your things, you’ll find that the house will feel less and less familiar, which can be great for letting go of attachment.

60 days prior to Selling and Moving:

  • Get Your Documents in Order – Locate important documents such as the Plat/Survey of Your Home, your copy of your Title Insurance, and any material disclosures of your home.
  • Update Materials – Obtain an updated Comparative Market Analysis, market conditions and marketing plan from Acqtel Realty
  • Marketing and Staging – Complete preparations for marketing your home and discuss home staging techniques with an Acqtel Realty staging expert.

30-50 days prior to Selling and Moving:

  • Acqtel Realty will assist in final home staging
  • Place your home in the MLS
  • Place appropriate yard signs / directional signs
  • Market your home according to the marketing plan

Once a contract offer is received and negotiations begin,  Acqtel Realty will ensure all contractual contingencies and obligations are tracked and met  You are assured of close and timely communications throughout the process with our goal being to minimize your stress while obtaining the best possible price for your home, on your schedule!